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Louise Burgess (Dip BSoM)
Meditation and mindfulness teacher

Louise is a highly skilled meditation teacher. She launched Folkestone Meditation at the start of 2022 having qualified to teach with the British School of Meditation. 

Louise’s own practise supports her mental health and wellbeing, and she loves sharing the profound benefits of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork with others.

Louise says, “Cultivating self compassion through meditation has been a game changer for me. It allows me to connect with myself deeply and understand my flaws and mistakes as part of being human, that in turn allows me to show myself the kindness and forgiveness that I would show a friend or a child. It sounds simple but it’s amazing what that can do to your sense of inner peace. It can allow you to move forward from a place of despair.”

Louise is also a qualified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator, Mental Health First Aider and Wellbeing Coach and works with organisations including local government, schools and care homes, to support employee wellbeing.


Sarah has been a holistic therapist for over a decade. She is a highly skilled and qualified reflexologist, specialising is women’s health and hormonal balance.

She is also a reiki practitioner and eco therapist.

Sarah has always felt a strong connection to nature, thanks in part to an unconventional upbringing with a father who is a wildlife fanatic! In her early 20’s she began to learn about the benefits of growing her own fruits and vegetables, but it was lockdown that really encouraged Sarah to explore the innate connection we have, as humans, with the natural world.

Sarah has studied nature connectedness with Derby university and went on to study the therapeutic benefits of the woodland. She now runs a Nature for Wellbeing group at a local charity every week, and she loves it!

We incorporate as much nature as we possibly can into every retreat that we run. We can’t wait for you to join us and discover the benefits for yourself.


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Sarah Vaughan (MAR)
Holistic therapist/ eco therapist/ Teacher
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