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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



In order to provide you with the best experience we can on our retreats, we ask that you read through and agree to the following terms and conditions. 


To run retreats, we have to book, pay for and organise, venues, food, resources and practitioners in advance, so it is very important to us that everyone has paid for the retreat in advance. With that in mind, we have to implement the following terms and conditions.

  • If you do not attend the retreat the full fee will be charged and not refunded.

  • If you cancel the retreat with less than 24 hours notice the full fee will be charged and not refunded.

  • Retreat places cancelled less than a week before the retreat will be part refunded. (50% of the cost)

  • Retreat places cancelled a week or more before the retreat will be fully refunded.

  • Retreat days run to set schedules, and so if you arrive late to a session, we will still end the retreat at the original time.

  • All fees are payable in advance of the retreat. We don't accept money on the day.

  • We are offering our clients the opportunity to pay a non refundable deposit to secure a place on our retreats. This is on the understanding that the remaining balance is paid, in full, by a set date prior to the retreat. See details of each retreat for arrangements.

As Facilitators Sarah and Louise will:

  • Do their best to never cancel a retreat.  (You will never be charged if we had to cancel a retreat.)

  • If we do have to cancel or reschedule, we will give you as much notice as we possibly can.

  • Work incredibly hard to ensure that retreats are an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all participants, and will do their best to resolve any issues as they arise. ​


Vouchers are available on request, and are valid for a set period of time. You are welcome to buy vouchers to cover the cost of more than one retreat, or part of a retreat, with the rest of the balance being paid in full before the retreat date.

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