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New year New Moon Meditation and Alchemy Boxes

Updated: Jan 11

Happy New Year and welcome to our first post of 2024! Today is the first new moon of the year, which happens to be a very potent new moon in Capricorn, combined with a huge planetary shift that sees Pluto finally move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. The shift in Pluto will impact us astrologically for the next 15 to 20 years, so it really is a big deal!

Astrologer Francesca Oddie writes in her new book, Cycles 2024:

"New moon conjunct Pluto invites you to take the power into your own hands and know that you can achieve what thousands will tell you isn't possible."

(F. Oddie 2024)

Louise and I are not astrologers, by any means, but we do run our retreats according to the lunar cycles, as you know, and so we wanted to offer you some guidance today on some of the ways that you can work with this powerful combination of cosmic events to make the most of your 2024 and set your intentions for the next year and beyond!

We will start with a meditation to help you to relax and unwind, click on the video below and Louise will gently guide you through.

Meditation Script:

Start by taking a few deep breaths in and exhaling slowly. Feel the weight of your body on

the surface beneath you. Imagine roots extending from your spine into the Earth,

grounding you in this present moment.

As you breathe, let go of any tension or stress. Settle into a comfortable rhythm, allowing

the breath to guide you into a state of relaxation.

At new moon, we’re at the beginning of a new lunar cycle, the sun and the moon are

directly aligned in the sky so the new moon is invisible to us on Earth and it will slowly

begin to make it’s appearance as a very thin crescent of light.

The beginning of a new lunar cycle, also marks an ending of the previous cycle, reminding

us to reflect on the cyclical nature of life, how every beginning is an end, and how we are

in a constant relationship with the filling up and pouring out that life asks of us.

The new Moon is commonly known as a time to initiate beginnings. It's an ideal time to set

intentions that you want to develop as the moon waxes toward fullness.

Although we can’t see the new moon, its energy is powerful. So we will enter the darkness

of the new moon. This magical spaciousness where we can lay down the roots of our


In this meditation we will connect with our higher self to explore the deeper meaning of our

lives, our true nature and our hearts desires. We don’t need to search for it, it is ready and

waiting within us. All we need to do is connect, and listen. Unlike resolutions, which are

often created from a feeling of lack, of not being enough, when we connect with our true

nature, we recognise that we are all already who we need to be to fulfil our life’s purpose.

Visualize a soft, silver light above you. This is the energy of the new moon, a symbol of

new beginnings and possibilities. Imagine this gentle light bathing you in a sense of calm

and renewal. Feel this tranquil and rejuvenating energy infusing every cell of your being.

Now, I invite you to turn your attention inward, dropping your awareness down to your

heart space.

With each inhale, draw in the energy of possibility.

With each exhale, release any doubts or fears.

Breathing in, absorbing the power of the new moon above you and allowing it to activate

and fuel your power.

Breathing out, sinking into the exquisite darkness, and stillness, supported by the earth

beneath you.

As you continue to breathe, listen for your hearts desire and take a moment to reflect on your

intentions for this new lunar cycle. What do you wish to manifest and cultivate in your life?

Visualize these intentions as seeds being planted within the fertile soil of your consciousness,

ready to take root and flourish.

As you hold these intentions in your heart, imagine them being infused with the radiant energy of

the new moon. See them growing stronger with each passing day.

Now, take a few moments to silently repeat your intentions to yourself, feeling their truth and power

resonate within you.

Feel the power and resonance of your desire vibrating within you. Trust that the energy you've set

in motion is aligning with the natural cycles of the moon and that you have the ability to manifest

these desires and create positive change in your life.

I invite you to silently repeat the affirmation, ”I trust in my gifts, I know that I can shine.”

Now I invite you to visualize a radiant ball of light at your heart’s centre, this light represents your

unique talents and gifts. Imagine this light expanding with each breath, filling your entire being. As

it expands, it also extends beyond your physical body, creating a luminous aura of self-assurance

and confidence.

Feel the warmth of this light, knowing that it is a reflection of your inner brilliance. Your life’s

purpose, your heart’s desire.

”I trust in my gifts, I know that I can shine.”

Coming back to the breath. Inhale slowly and deeply for a count of 4, and exhale slowly, to

a count of eight. Breathing in possibility and potential, as you breathe out, letting go of self

doubt and limiting beliefs.

As you breathe in this way, you are creating space, space for new opportunities and

growth. Trust in the unfolding journey of your life.

As this meditation comes to an end, I invite you to place your hand on your heart, perhaps

feeling grateful for the new moon's energy and this opportunity to connect with your higher

self to discover your sankalpa and set any intentions that bring you closer to your true

meaning and purpose.

”I trust in my gifts, I know that I can shine.”

Carry the energy of this meditation with you throughout the lunar cycle, trusting in your

gifts and embracing the new beginnings that await you.


Take some time here to journal on what came up for you during the meditation. What have you learned about yourself and your life over the past 4 years? What are you willing to let go of? Who do you want to be in the next 20 years? What do you want to invite in? These will all be prompts to help you with your alchemy box.

Alchemy Box:

On our first retreat of 2023 we took some time to make ourselves an alchemy box each. These were so effective for so many of us, Louise and I are both making new ones for this year, and we want to invite you to do the same.

What is an alchemy box?

An alchemy box is a powerful tool to help you focus and manifest what you would like to do and how you would like to feel in the coming year. Unlike a vision board, alchemy boxes are three dimensional, like us, and they lend themselves to helping us think about our whole selves and our lives.

Alchemy boxes also help us to identify what it is that we really want through the process of making them, so you might be surprised at what comes up for you. Don’t hold on to any specific thoughts, go with it. Sonia Choquette has two fabulous YouTube videos that explain in great detail, the uses and the power of the alchemy box.


Three things to think about during the process:

1.      What is it that I want? Be confident that you can have what you want and that you can change the way that you are feeling.

2.      Use the power of your imagination: Use images in your mind, put yourself where you want to be, how do you feel when you are there? What are you thinking when you are there? Don’t limit yourself with your imagination. Sonia Choquette says “Don’t let your imagination go floppy!

3.      Hold your attention on what you want: Being clear on your aims for the year shifts your vibrations which the universal energy matches and brings back to you. The good thing about an alchemy box is that you put it somewhere you can see it in your home, to keep your attention focused all year.


How to be clear on what you want:

Sometimes its hard to work out what it is that you want, so if you are struggling, think about what it is that you don’t want and flip it to work out what you do want.

EG: I don’t want to do my job anymore; it makes me feel awful… I want a job that brings me joy and happiness and fits my life and values.

Whatever the things that come up for you, say them out loud, share them with a friend. “These are the things I want in 2024…”

Don’t be scared that you can’t have it. Just use your imagination and say what it is that you want.


Making the box:

You will need:

  • A box with a lid (a shoe box works well)

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Coloured paper (Tissue/ kite paper or wrapping paper) You could paint your box if you don't have paper.

  • Magazines and images, words or phrases, related to the things that you want to bring into your reality

  • Possibly some tarot or oracle cards that you can pull and photograph and place the images in your box.

  • Pen and paper

  • Anything else you would like to put in your alchemy box.

When you are making the box, the first thing to do, is to consider the colours that you want to use inside and outside. Which Chakra’s do you need to open to manifest what you want? Are you drawn to specific colours or prints?


Image from:

When you have added the colour to your box, look through magazines, news papers etc. to find words and images to represent what you want to do (on the outside of the box), and how you want to feel (on the inside of the box).

Decorate your box like a work of art, take your time. Notice what you are choosing to add. This gives you clues about what it is that your spirit/ inner child really wants. You may have started with thoughts that are actually not aligned with what your subconscious is revealing that you really want. Enjoy, go with it.

Add objects, natural materials, oracle cards, incense, prayers, phrases or whatever you feel your alchemy box needs to share with the universe.

You don’t need to do all of this in one session. Take a bit of time to add more items.

Lastly, when you are ready, hand write a letter to the universe:

Dear Universe,

On this date ____________, I (your name)___________, call upon the universe to deliver these heart’s desires.

List what you really want.

I am open and available to this and more, and I have no resistance to the miracles the universe will bring me.


When you have finished, hold the letter to your heart and breathe. Then fold it and carefully put it in your alchemy box. You have made a contract with the universe.

Close the box and keep it somewhere in your home where you can see it every day. Don’t open it, just hold in mind what you have asked for and be open to the opportunities that come your way.

Keep us posted on what happens in 2024! We are so excited to hear about what you manifest.

Enjoy this fabulous new moon,

Sarah and Louise. XX

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