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The Story of Our Friendship and Breathing Space Retreats

I met Louise on a breezy cliff top one summer's afternoon when we were supposed to be revising for our GCSE’s. We instantly became friends and have remained incredibly close, like sisters, for the best part of thirty years!

Friendships like ours are hard to come by and we know how lucky we are to be able to experience the highs and lows of life together, from the turbulent teenage years to terrible jobs in call centres, births, deaths, marriages, and everything in between, we have been at each other’s side.

One of the reasons that we have remained so close is undoubtedly the creativity that happens every time we are together. From the moment we met, on that warm afternoon, Louise and I have created.

From bad song writing in our teens, to comedy play scripts, a successful parenting blog and newspaper column, and a children’s charity promoting therapeutic play for seriously ill children and their families. Creativity has given us purpose and the perfect reason to stay connected even when (and especially when) life and motherhood has felt overwhelming.

Our most recent creative adventure is leading us along a very different path. I have been a holistic therapist for over a decade and Louise has more recently qualified as a meditation teacher and breath coach, so it made perfect sense to once again combine our skills to create Breathing Space Retreats Kent, which offers participants the chance to reconnect with themselves and nature.

Our mini retreats are unique. From time spent on a farm with miniature donkeys and pigs, to mindful walks in lush green countryside, meditation, eco therapy, nature-based crafts and breathwork, our retreats offer guests a chance to relax, create, and reflect on changes they would like to make in their lives.

Each retreat is different from the last. We design bespoke experiences around the seasons and the phases of the moon, harnessing the power of these cycles of nature and maximising the therapeutic benefits of embracing and aligning with the natural world.

Our deep friendship has matured and developed over many years and has sustained us both in times of darkness and despair, as well as in moments of joy and happiness. Older, and perhaps a little wiser now, with children almost the same age as we were when we met, we hope that our life experiences together enable us to support participants in a safe and nurturing space during our retreats.

I never knew way back in 1995, just what a special friendship had begun. It truly is an honour to have a friend who encourages and indeed inspires creativity in me, and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather work with.


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