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Participant Waiver

Meditation is a safe and gentle practise, however, finding stillness, being calm, opening ourselves up and observing our emotions and thoughts can occasionally bring up difficult feelings and there may be moments of vulnerability.

Part of meditation training is to appropriately care for ourselves, and it is vital to take responsible for caring for yourself in ways that are compassionate and kind. Participants can adapt any or all the meditations to suit them best for their situation.

Meditation does not replace medical or psychological treatment. If there are any concerns or questions about what you experience, it is vital to express this to Louise who may recommend seeking out appropriate treatment.

If you have any of the following conditions or are under supervision of a mental health team/health care provider, you should first consult your GP to find out whether it is ok for you to practise meditation.

  • Bi-polar disorder, Schizophrenia or a mental ill health condition of a psychotic nature.

  • Epileptic seizures may be triggered by relaxation so if you have epilepsy you may want to seek guidance from your GP prior to attending a class.

By attending the meditation session, you are agreeing to all the content in this waiver including the statement below;

I understand it is my responsibility to care for myself, and I assume all risk of any physical, emotional, and mental consequences of participating in the meditation sessions. I take full responsibility for my well-being; mental and physical and agree to not exceed my limits for any injury or discomfort I may experience.

If you have any questions, please get in touch -

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